Anti-aging cream

Experience the amazing results of the Olivier Claire anti-aging creams, a range of captivating products with ultra-selective, precious formulas and ingredients.

Olivier Claire is based on the observation that nature has the unique power of offering effective and sophisticated beauty to every woman. The brand offers you a range...

Anti-aging cream

Experience the amazing results of the Olivier Claire anti-aging creams, a range of captivating products with ultra-selective, precious formulas and ingredients.

Olivier Claire is based on the observation that nature has the unique power of offering effective and sophisticated beauty to every woman. The brand offers you a range of creams with unique efficacy thanks to :

  • a very high concentration of active ingredients (maximum level of authorized standards) for a maximum of benefits
  • a completely original synergy of active ingredients for optimal efficacy
  • products with unrivaled freshness for guaranteed efficacy

Remove make-up, cleanse skin

Make-up removal and cleansing is the most important step in your routine to preserve glowing skin. It helps to eliminate the impurities that build up during the day (pollution, dust, pollen, etc.), excess sebum naturally secreted by the skin, dead cells and of course, make-up. Without this step, the skin becomes smothered; the complexion looks dull and blemishes appear (redness, comedones, etc.). Combining the make-up removing lotion with toner will effectively cleanse your skin. After being cleansed, the skin is ready to receive care.

Remove make-up, cleanse skin

Treat, prep skin

The skin on the eye contour is 3 to 5 times finer than the rest of the face. This means it requires special care. The Olivier Claire eye contour was specifically designed to add an illuminating and revitalizing touch to this sensitive area. The serum is the most concentrated product in active ingredients. Thanks to its more fluid texture, it intensively preps your skin to receive the creams you apply next. This boosts the efficacy of Olivier Claire skin care and you get the best results!

Treat, prep skin
  • High Concentration Intensive Complete Serum

    Highly concentrated in regenerating and restructuring active ingredients, it restores complete vitality to your skin cells. Ultra-powerful and essential for an optimal anti-aging effect!

    A course of treatment for tired skin or for mature skin

    250,00 €
    250,00 €
  • Eye contour – Intensive complete care

    Concentrated in moisturizing active ingredients and specific active ingredients to act on micro-circulation, this product leaves the eye contour looking smoother and puffiness and dark circles are reduced. A must-have to refresh and enhance the eye contour.

    For all skin types

    168,00 €
    168,00 €

Moisturize, protect

The third step to keeping skin young and healthy is maintaining its natural moisture levels and protecting it against daily aggressions. Olivier Claire creams have thus been formulated with active ingredients specifically selected to protect against skin dryness. Furthermore, well-moisturized skin enables better absorption of the creams' active ingredients. For optimal efficacy, choose the Olivier Claire skin care products best suited to your needs and skin type and apply them morning and evening after perfectly cleansing the skin.

Moisturize, protect

  • The design process for Olivier Claire Anti-aging creams

Research, development and production…100% made in France.

Olivier Claire skin care design begins with research and the selection of active ingredients.

This step involves a bibliographical study with analysis of the results of the various scientific studies conducted in vitro and in vivo. In order to achieve results identical to those obtained during these scientific studies, the active ingredients are dosed in the same active concentrations in Olivier Claire products.

Active ingredients are selected for their efficacy, but also for their originality and rarity. For example, Sea Fennel native cells have been selected for their amazing ability to divide themselves indefinitely.

With age, the number of stem cells in the skin diminishes, along with their vitality. Epidermal cell renewal slows down and wrinkles appear. Plant native cells have the same genetic factors and help maintain the effects of cell renewal and vitality for a longer time in skin stem cells.

The plant contains a very low quantity of these cells, and innovative techniques are required to extract and cultivate them, using very little plant material in order to preserve biodiversity.

Next, various scientific studies are conducted in vivo with the finished products. For example, applying the Olivier Claire High Performance Rich Cream on 20 volunteers highlighted an increase of 95% in skin moisture levels after just 2 hours.

Some extracts, such as fresh Sunflower pollen, Sea Fennel native cells or Wakame concentrate, need to be used while they are as fresh as possible. To guarantee this freshness and therefore maximum active ingredient efficacy, we have optimized each step in our production process, from harvest to storage of active ingredients right up until they are added to the formula.

Our products are manufactured in small quantities depending on demand, to meet this requirement of absolute efficacy.

Olivier Claire 100% made in France
  • The secret to Olivier Claire anti-aging creams

The efficacy of Olivier Claire skin care is essentially based on the rigorous and targeted selection of its plant-based active ingredients. These are chosen for their scientifically-proven efficacy (in vitro and in vivo studies), but also for their complementary action.

The various active ingredients work within different levels of the skin, which creates truly synergistic action and an optimal overall anti-aging effect. In order to get results similar to those obtained during scientific studies, the active ingredients are added to Olivier Claire products in high concentrations, identical to the maximum concentrations significantly active during the trials.

The various active ingredients are taken mainly from organically grown plants, which helps guarantee their optimal quality and efficacy. Protected, plumped and regenerated, your skin appears naturally smoother and younger.

  • What is an anti-aging product and which one is the best?

With age, various imperfections appear on the skin, such as wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity, sensation of dryness and discomfort, as well as dark spots. A good anti-aging product acts against all the factors which cause these imperfections, and this is why Olivier Claire researchers have selected active ingredients which target the key elements of skin aging:

  • Hydratation : The addition of extracts to counteract skin dryness (Shea butter, Rose hip and Mallow) help maintain a healthy foundation, high skin moisture levels and soft, comfortable skin, ensuring the absorption of the other active ingredients.
  • Cellular regeneration : the appearance of wrinkles and the loss of elasticity are mainly linked to a decrease in the components of the skin's support tissue (collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid). Regenerating extracts (Sea Fennel, Ulva lactuca, Wakame), marine collagen and vectorized hyaluronic acid stimulate cell renewal, thus ensuring in-depth restructuring and enhanced tightening and smoothing effects.
  • Evening-out of complexion : with age, sun exposure can cause the appearance of little unaesthetic spots called dark spots. These are due to the fact that melanin, our main skin pigment, is no longer distributed evenly in our skin. Narcissus, Sea Fennel and White mulberry extracts even out the complexion, prevent the appearance of brown spots and reduce those already on the skin.
  • Antioxidant protection : sun exposure, pollution and smoking cause excess production of free radicals, leading to harmful effects on the skin cells (denaturation of hyaluronic acid, degradation of collagen, etc.) this is called premature skin aging. Active ingredients rich in antioxidant substances (fresh Sunflower pollen, Barbary fig and Wheatgerm oils) help prevent this.