Who is Olivier Claire

Olivier Claire, High Performance Beauty Products

Brand of high performance, luxurious, natural and 100% made in France anti-aging products based on high standards of elegance, efficacy and exclusivity!

Exceptional formulas  
High-quality and highly concentrated active ingredients with remarkable results.

Botanical excellence  
At the heart of the Olivier Claire promise, our products are mainly composed of plant- and marine-based active ingredients, selected for their beneficial wealth and efficacy.

The choice of efficacy
Scientific evidence and panel tests.

Creations for highly selective perfumeries.  
As true ambassadors of the brand, they contribute to its growth though an exclusive partnership. The site particularly highlights points of sale and distribution points for perfumeries and beauty institutes that collaborate closely with the brand.

Targeted, personalized communication  
Via its website, social networks and editorial posts, the brand maintains a confidential relationship with its customers and its points of sale.  

High-level training  
Expert advice is offered to every customer, along with unique services, particularly continuous training.

Recognized, hand-picked representatives  
Experts in the fields of science, esthetics, design and communication...

A dedicated and committed team
We are special representatives, always attentive to the needs of our points of sale and our customers.