RECENTLY ROSEATE Hotels and Resorts announced partnership with Olivier Claire, a luxury vegetal skincare brand from France. As the first hospitality chain in India to collaborate with Olivier Claire, the hotel offers the unique range of products and skin care treatments at their very own Aheli Spa.

 “‘Soin Majeur de Beauté’ treatment reveals, transcends and perpetuates the beauty of a woman. The facial includes a wave concept at the beginning and end. It uses high potent active ingredients and is based on precise techniques recognised internationally,” explains Chantal Nardo, an aesthetic expert at Olivier Claire, who on her first visit admits not one but many reasons to visit India. “The brand’s philosophy corresponds to Indian values: respect for people, their emotions, the search for a deep well-being and the belief in the power of plants. I have been privileged to take care of the beauty of the Indian women in France for the past 31 years and the results obtained on the skin sensitized by the pollution and the sun is absolutely extraordinary. The skin is revived, oxygenated and the Indian women are delighted with the results obtained: they want to keep and relive this beautiful journey in the vegetal world,” she said.

The passion that drives Olivier Couraud – the creator of the brand and the team of experts chosen is in perfect harmony with the values upheld by the Aheli Spa in the Roseate Hôtels and Resorts, hence the partnership. “Both of us believe that luxury and nature are in synergy that is why Olivier Claire has chosen to introduce the collection and facial for the first time in India with the resort.”

Aheli Spa has a significant connect with the luxury brand. Derived from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘pure’ which makes Olivier Claire 100% pure (no petrochemistry) using organic ingredients.

Wellness in Aheli encompasses every element - design, service, experts and a bespoke menu of treatments. It is designed to offer holistic wellbeing which accurately fits Olivier Claire in it. “Our skincare is personalised and the experience we propose is like a jewel for your skin and The Aheli is a perfect setting to receive it,” she added.

A few of the wellness trends that Nardo foresees are: “Indian women will care more for their skin and hair, they will demand more products that respect their skin; they want quick visible results in the long term while using products without any harmful preservatives and side effects. Another trend is that people look at genuine brands that really take care of their clients. Our research and development process, as well as our production process (100% made in France), offers high value added for this increasingly demanding clientele in search of authentic products.”

Olivier Claire is revolutionising cosmetic market codes. According to Nardo, “The hotels must catch the tendencies and be futurist, innovative and in the quest for excellence by developing personalised services. The partners who trust us are also futuristic hotels with the same set of values: search for excellence, innovation and trust.”

The personnel in charge to develop Olivier Claire in India are Dr. Marie Hélène Abbo and Chandani Kathuria who are associated (Divine Virgins Pvt Ltd) and expert of strategy in India.

The exclusive range of products by Olivier Claire at Roseate Hotels & Resorts include High Performance Rich Cream with Native Cells and Plant Extracts (INR 19,919), Cream with Native Cells and Plant Extracts (INR 12,548), High Concentration Complete Serum (INR 24,095), Eye Contour Complete Care (INR 15,595), High Performance Make Up Remover Lotion (INR 6217) and High-performance Toner (INR 6,878). These products with its technical protocol and very powerful in-assets, Olivier Claire treatment offers a well-being break that acts on all the signs of aging thereby perpetuating the natural beauty of the user.